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Portable Touch Screen Controller

Touch Screen Display Control Center for Microsoft’s Home of the Future vision statement from 1999. Excerpted from the July, 1999 press release:

…PC-based software will combine with a new generation of wireless networks, smart devices and intelligent appliances to bring a wealth of new digital products into every home,” Gates said. The following developments are among the highlights of Gates’ presentation:

  • A high-speed wireless home network that enables users to play music and videos or display family photographs, anywhere they want on any intelligent device
  • Windows Media(tm) Audio player, which downloads twice as fast as MP3 and has double the music storage, plus powerful anti-piracy protection
  • The evolution of WebTV Network(tm) service with on-demand programming, personalized viewing, Web-enhanced content and powerful communications built in
  • The next generation of gaming, offering online competition with voice interaction, immersive audio, unmatched 3-D graphics and the option of parental control

Check out this circa 1999 concept video from Microsoft.