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Wireless Media Keyboard & Remote

Keyboard with integrated remote control functions.

  • dedicated WebTV function buttons
  • navigation cluster
  • co-molded santoprene grips
  • wireless operation
  • full-size QWERTY keyboard
  • ergonomic design
  • handheld or tabletop use

Part of Microsoft’s Home of the Future vision statement from 1999.Excerpted from the July, 1999 press release:

…PC-based software will combine with a new generation of wireless networks, smart devices and intelligent appliances to bring a wealth of new digital products into every home,” Gates said. The following developments are among the highlights of Gates’ presentation:

  • A high-speed wireless home network that enables users to play music and videos or display family photographs, anywhere they want on any intelligent device
  • Windows Media(tm) Audio player, which downloads twice as fast as MP3 and has double the music storage, plus powerful anti-piracy protection
  • The evolution of WebTV Network(tm) service with on-demand programming, personalized viewing, Web-enhanced content and powerful communications built in
  • The next generation of gaming, offering online competition with voice interaction, immersive audio, unmatched 3-D graphics and the option of parental control

Check out this circa 1999 concept video from Microsoft.

Working closely with industrial design and in-house engineers, Mechanistic developed the highly organic shapes of the left and right grip areas of the keyboard. The back of the keyboard was also highly sculpted. It actually had more difficult transitions from a surfacing standpoint than the front! After multiple design reviews and surface tweaks, the final CAD files were released to prototype in six weeks. The machined surfaces were flawless!