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320/540 Visual Workstations

Representing SGI’s entrance into the Windows arena, the SGI 320, and it’s big brother the 540, were not likely to be mistaken for a simple NT-based clone.

SGI 320/540

Mechanistic was contracted to design and implement the left side case panels. The challenge was to have the panel easily removable, yet still maintain an adequate EMI seal.

An integrated EMI liner was designed to be heat staked in place inside the removable plastic panel. The “fingers” on the EMI liner were tuned to provide intimate contact around the entire perimeter of the chassis, while not binding or scraping, and not providing too much resistance to easily remove the plastic panel. The plastic details on the panel interfaced with matching slots on the chassis sheetmetal. These were carefully designed to include ramped profiles and detent positions to provide a firm, constant feel and positive retention.