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MP600 MP3 Player

With this accessory and a compatible Motorola Wireless phone, you can take your internet audio with you without missing a call.

    • 2.5mm stereo headset
    • built-in microphone
    • USB PC Data interface
    • 32MB SD/MMC Memory Card

Overall product size was the driving factor for this product. An extremely small form factor was determined at the outset and many innovative design solutions were developed to maintain this constraint. The surfaces were quite complex and the requirement that the product have soft-touch over-molding in contrasting color made for a very complicated parting line between the various housing components. Also, the design team had members in England, Chicago, San Diego, and Korea, so collaborative discussions were often a challenge.

Mechanistic developed a mechanical layout of all the internal mechanical components as well as the SD card audio jacks to be inserted into the unit. The maximum size constraint was so aggressive that many internal components required localized thinning of the housing wall thickness to provide clearance! After several machined check models and design reviews the detailed CAD parts were delivered to the overseas manufacture. Total design time: less than three months!