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Jornada 430

The HP Jornada Palm-size PC powered by Windows CE. James Bond sported a HP Jornada 430se in the 1999 film The World is Not Enough.

  • Hitachi SE-3/133MHz
  • 16MB RAM and 8MB ROM
  • Backlit 65k color TFT 240×320 pixels
  • Pen-and-touch interface
  • One IrDA infrared port
  • One RS232 serial port
  • One CF Type I and II card slot
  • voice / memo recorder functions
  • MP3 Player functions

Mechanistic was contracted to develop the initial surfaces for this product in Pro/ENGINEER. The development plan called for early involvement of the manufacturer, with development of master model surfaces and initial part-breakup only. This reference design was then delivered to the contract manufacturer for final detailing.

Working with team members in Boston, Singapore and San Francisco, Mechanistic developed surfaces from faxed sketches and hand drawn sections. Several iterative check models were machined to refine certain transition areas. Final surfaces were released in less than six weeks.